Rules of Scrum

As this years start slow down I start to reflect on how well my company, team and I did as agile entities. I say entities because it's not just individuals that are agile but organizations, culture and environments are too.

This past year I've been doing my best to practice Scrum but sometimes the business and organization don't align with the methodology you choose so you have to make some sacrifices to keep things peaceful.

Since the rules of Scrum had been 'adapted' at work I want to establish a baseline and build a new foundation to work off of with our up coming business objectives. was one of the many sites I turned to for guidance. I'm really happy I did too because they have a wonderful ebook. The Scrum Guide is the official rulebook of Scrum.

I would definitely recommend it to anyone that wants to know the rules of scrum as well as a refresh for Scrum Master that feel then could measure their agile maturity.

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