The daily stand-up

At my organization we practice Agile Scrum. Everyday we have a stand-up meeting, in the same place, at the same time, and we answer three basic questions.

1. What have I accomplished since our last meeting?
2. What will I accomplish today?
3. Are there any obstacles keeping me from doing my work?

Each team member has a turn to answer these three questions. If conversations emerge from these 3 basic questions, which happens more often than not, then it's good to have some small collaboration but try and encourage that conversation and collaboration to continue after the stand-up meeting.

Any obstacles that has been brought-up should has be handled directly following the daily stand-up meeting. By address the obstacle as soon as possible it helps set the course of scrum team for direct action and solution collaboration.

I'm trying to apply this same technique to my personal life. In the morning I make a mental checklist of all the "things" I would like to do that day. I make sure to handle any obstacles that currently are keeping me from doing those "things" on my mental checklist.

The value of the stand-up meeting really boils down to helping us find ways to collaborate better and encourage the autonomy of the team to find creative ways of solving issues and obstacles.

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