Tuesday Agile Tool: Planbox

Are you looking for new tools to track, manage and prioritize your agile projects? Do you need a centralized location that your team can refer to see their tasks for the current sprint?

The good folks at Planbox.com have a simple, powerful, web-based, Agile Project Management tool.

The Pros

Web based software makes it for anyone to access anywhere. Just one location for all your projects makes it easier manage.

You can sign-up for free and try out the product and see if you like all the features.

User management is a breeze. You setup your primary user and then add new users as needed.

The initial setup is straight forward. The starting tutorial helps you setup initiatives with projects. Then adds people that will be apart of those projects and you can choose roles for these people. Custom roles can be created as well. From there you can add additional items to the project or manage initiatives settings.

I do like dashboard layout that display burn-down charts, progress & people, velocity, iteration summary, latest activity and iteration baseline.

Adding new items is very easy. They have icons for the different types of items (feature, tasks, bug, etc). Depending on the type of item you create there are different properties to these items. There is lots of flexibility that covers all the information you need.

There is a hierarchy of items, meaning that if you create features you have to click on a feature to add a task. You can add estimates and time to each task. Also, you can set the status of each task so you know if it's being worked on or not. Scrum Master will love the fact that you can log obstacles!

Managing initiatives settings is quite simple too. It gives you all the information you need about your initiatives in a simple snap shot with project names, people and iteration length. You do have the option to export items and task into a CSV, setup a template for the initiatives and delete initiatives.

I almost forgot. The have some report as well but I don't have enough data to generate a report. I'll follow-up in a few weeks.

More information about Planbox.com features

The Cons

The pricing structure a bit different. The price is based on the number of users: 5 for $20, 10 for $40 and 20 for $80. If you have a larger project team then you'll have to call for pricing. On a positive note you get a 15 day free trial.

The draw back to the add items screen is the two panel view when working on task within a feature. There's far too much text on the screen for such a small work area. If you're going to split the screen like that I would suggest condensing the left set of features with a larger work area for items that currently working with.



  1. 2 users - Free

  2. 5 users - $20

  3. 10 users - $40

  4. 20 users - $80

  5. Unlimited users - Call for pricing

More details about Planbox.com pricing.

Summary and Rating

Overall I think Planbox.com has a great tool with a simply, easy to use, interface and powerful features. With a little bit of user input this product will be a great contender.

I would have Planbox.com a 7 out of 10.

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